Welcome to Stronger Self and thank you for checking out my profile.

I have been through my own personal transformation and have made many positive changes to all aspect of my life and every day I work on achieving personal breakthroughs and improving my mind, body and soul.  I am a keen biohacker, which sounds a bit geeky but in essence I maximise my own biology to give me the energy I need to achieve my goals.

I've worked in high pressure corporate environments for the past 20 years delivering major business transformation programmes for global organisations so I know first hand the pressures that entrepreneurs and executives face every day.  I've also fought in Judo and Mixed Martial Arts at international level, so understand the commitment and perseverance it takes to compete at the highest level.

Up until recently I was also the Chairman for Oakleaf Enterprise, a Mental Health Charity based in Guildford, Surrey.  Oakleaf is an amazing charity that helps so many people each day through its social enterprises and social inclusion activities.

I've been coaching teams and individuals for many years and get great satisfaction in seeing the shift in people as a result of the coaching conversation.  I'm extremely grateful to all of the coaches who have helped me on my journey to become my best self.

I am a certified coach and have trained under Bulletproof 360 one of world's premier peak human performance organisations.  I am also a member of Peter Diamandis' Abundance 360 Digital community which focuses on exponential technologies that are going to radically change our futures.

I'm originally from South Wales, now living in Surrey with my wife and son.  I'm a keen rugby supporter and coach children during the weekends.

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