Nick has been covered in the media in the London and International Press. Topics covered have been biohacking, productivity, longevity and coaching.

Glamour Magazine

Biohacking is the wellness trend of 2021

Biohacking: From Bond-worthy gadgets that enable optimal sleep to 3D-printed supplements, welcome to the future of wellness

Wellness has gone to a whole new high-tech level – and it’s called ‘biohacking’. Alice du Parcq investigates.

Published 1st January 2021

City Matters

How to achieve peak performance everyday

As humans, we are comfortable living in a world where a specific action causes a predictable outcome.

When I work with my clients, I often ask them how they prioritise their lives and the answer is almost always: work, family and then themselves.

However, if you truly want to have wonderful relationships at home and put yourself in the best position to take your business and career to new heights, then you need to become selfish and put yourself first.

Published 12th August 2019

Glamour Magazine

How to avoid a cold

I honestly can’t remember the last time I came down with a cold, yet alone flu,” says Nick Powell, a peak performance coach who works with high-achieving entrepreneurs and senior leaders

Published 15th July 2019

Square Mile

5 Ways to minimise your hangover

Author of new book Limitless, Nick Powell specialises in bio-hacking. Here, the founder of Stronger Self takes us through five tactics to take the edge off your hangover

Published 18th June 2019

Glamour Magazine

How to measure your body’s age

A peak performance coach reveals exactly how to measure your body’s age in this fascinating guide

His book is a number 1 Amazon best-seller.

Published 19th May 2019

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