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Many thanks for reading my book and you are no doubt here to check out the resources that I referred to in the book. I decided to hold them in a more fluid place, so I could update them as my recommended resources change. For all of the resources that I recommend I have no commercial gain and for the few that I have earn affiliate fees on, I donate these to Oakleaf Enterprise a mental health charity that I’ve been closely connected with over many years.

I will commit to keeping these links updated and will develop them over time. If you have supplementary links i.e. the product is available locally to you then please do let me know and I will add them.

I won’t add any products that I have not personally used and found benefit from.

If you find any dead links or have comments on the resources, please get in touch here

Part One - Energy, performance and health-span

Chapter 1 - It’s all about your energy
Chapter 2 - Can you live to 150?

Part Two - Principles for performance, a long health-span & limitless energy

Chapter 3 - Eat what makes you feel great
Chapter 4 - Sleep quality trumps quantity
Chapter 5 - What gets measured gets managed
Chapter 6 - Burning fat for fuel
Chapter 7 - Move more and exercise less
Chapter 8 - Embracing the magic of light
Chapter 9 - All water isn’t created equal
Chapter 10 - Toxins will kill your performance
Chapter 11 - Flood your body with oxygen
Chapter 12 - Getting cold makes you stronger
Chapter 13 - Supplements are the last mile
Chapter 14 - Hack your brain

Part Three - Bringing it all together

Chapter 16 - How to make the principles a habit?

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