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What is Limitless?

We live in unprecedented times, in a world where our energy, time and attention are under constant demand.  Entrepreneurs and senior leaders are struggling to find the right balance between working on their business, spending quality time with their family, staying healthy, socialising with friends and contributing to their community.  The truth is, most people think that they are highly energised. However, they aren't, and they no longer know what 'good' feels like.

We are bombarded with productivity tips and tricks that don't make a step change difference in our performance and we've forgotten that energy management trumps time management every time. The health advice provided by 'the experts' is heavily influenced by big industry, much of which is making us weaker and depleting our energy.  Biohacking is taking responsibility for your own health and energy management, harnessing the exciting intersection between biology and technology to maximise your energy and focus.

Limitless breaks conventional wisdom and challenges much of the commonly well-known health and wellbeing advice.  Limitless provides a holistic approach and will show you how to massively increase your energy levels through hacking your own biology, enabling you to increase your income, have more time with your family and live a long and happy life. 

Limitless will open your eyes to a world of possibilities that you never knew existed.

Nick is a peak performance coach, business consultant and charity trustee, and has been transforming organisations and individuals for the past 20 years.  Nick is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and a certified coach by one of the world's leading human performance organisations, Bulletproof 360.

Nick's journey into the world of biohacking was driven by a desire to get more out of life. In many respects Nick's life appeared to be perfectly balanced and very successful but life was tough trying to strike the right balance and he couldn't focus and work as hard as he could when he was in his twenties.  The all day-energy wasn't there and as the working week went on, it became more tiring and the weekends were used as downtime to help recharge for another relentless working week rather than spending quality time with the family.

Nick has since spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours learning the secrets of the world's top performers to understand how they hack their own biology to release massive amounts of untapped energy, enabling them to take their personal and business performance to the next level.

Limitless will show you why energy management is of critical importance and why protecting and powering up your mitochondria is one of the most important things that you can do for your own personal performance.  Mitochondria are thousands of tiny bacteria which exist in every cell in your body and are responsible for energy production in the cell and for telling the cell to replicate or die.  The tools, techniques and methods explained in Limitless will not only improve your personal performance in all areas of your life, but it may also enable you to live a lot longer. A number of the top entrepreneurs in the world are publically stating that they will live to 180 (Dave Asprey) or 150 (Peter Diamandis) and when they are 100, they will have the health of a much younger person.

Limitless contains twelve topics, which will show you how to biohack your way to limitless energy and covers topics which includes some of the better well-known hacks associated with sleep, diet, meditation and exercise but also breaks conventional wisdom and covers fasting, smart drugs, light therapy, heart rate variability training, toxin exposure, cold therapy, ketogenic diets and time efficient exercise.  Each Chapter references leading scientific research from some of the world's best doctors and is packed with actionable advice, top tips and case studies.  At the end of each chapter, there is a section on advanced biohacks for those readers that wish to take their knowledge further. Finally, Limitless will show you how to put what you have learnt into action, through the creation of habits that really stick, become part of your daily routine and don't fall away. 

Limitless was published in April 2019 by Rethink Press Ltd and is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.