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Chapter 8
The magic and curse of light

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  • Find out more about Irlen Syndrome – The Irlen Institute

  • Toxin free sunscreen – Shade All-Natural Sunscreen

  • Infrared devices.

  • Light to wake you up:

    • Like headphones but shine light directly into your brain – Human Charger

    • Full spectrum desk light – don’t look into these lamps or you will hurt your eyes. I have not tried any of these but my trusted networ has and recommends the following: Philips GoLite Blu, Re-Timer, or Sperti Vitamin D

  • Avoiding blue light at night

    • Blue blocking glasses – True Dark

    • Red bulbs – I use Phillips Hue Bulbs so I can change the colour. They are wireless so EMFs are emitted but as such a small amount it doesn’t concern me

    • LED dots to cover blue light in the bedroom. You will find equivalent products on Amazon.Resources:


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