This 6 month programme is by application only and is limited to 12 people each quarter. There are currently 5 spaces available (as of 11th June 2019).

You can find out below what is included in the programme and how you can book a Discovery session.

What is included?

The Human Optimisation programme includes a unique blend of:

  • Coaching - 1-1 coaching with me for the duration of the programme

  • Products and Services - over £1,000 worth of cutting edge products and services to enhance your performance

  • Knowledge & Resources - each week, I will share a different topic with you from the worlds of biohacking, neuroscience, productivity and personal development

  • Full 30 day money back guarantee for all coaching fees


  • I will work with you to understand what your long term goals are and also what you want to achieve in the next 6 months. This will form the backdrop to the Coaching work that we will do together.

  • We will also assess your performance over the course of the programme. You will have 12 Coaching sessions with me, conducted over Zoom. We can also meet for face to face sessions in central London and Surrey, UK

  • Access to me between sessions via WhatsApp, email and on the phone

  • I will hold you to account on your actions

Products and services

I have curated some of the best products and services which have made the biggest impact on myself and my clients. These are included as part of the Coaching Programme:

  • An Oura Ring - the most advanced sleep tracking device on the market

  • A gut microbiome test by Viome - so you can find out the foods your gut responds best to

  • A device from Heart Math to train your body on how to respond to stress

  • A subscription to Ziva online - the meditation training I have ever come across

  • A customised blood panel so you can find out what is going on with your energy levels

Full training and support for these products and services will be provided.

The following videos provide further details on the products and services:


Knowledge & Resources

  • I will share everything I know across 24 different topics over the 6 month period

  • These will be digestible and actionable and will take your understanding to the next level in terms of your performance

  • These will also include recommended reading to further deepen your knowledge

Next Steps - The Discovery Call

Nobody signs up to a longer term Coaching agreement without meeting me, finding out more about the Programme and having the opportunity to be coached by me. This is why I have created what I call the Discovery Session, which is 100% free and lasts for 90 minutes. This will give both of us an opportunity to see if we want to work together. As part of this session:

  • We will discuss your goals, what you’re looking to achieve, why it’s so important to you and what is holding you back

  • I can explain the programme in more detail and also give you the opportunity to ask me questions

  • You will get to experience what it is like to be coached by me for 45 minutes and you will take away some tangible actions that you can put into place

  • At the end of the session, we will both be in a better position to decide if we wish to work together. I only work with 12 people per quarter and I only work with people who I feel I can help, are fun to work with and are open to change

The cost of the Human Optimisation Programme is £5,000 + VAT.

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