Human Optimisation

This 6 month Programme is only open to 10 people each quarter and it will open your eyes to a world you never knew existed and will transform your energy and performance in every area of your life.

Programme availability

April 2019
No spaces available

July 2019
8 spaces available

October 2019
10 spaces available

January 2020
10 paces available

What you get

The Human Optimisation programme includes:

  • Discovery

    • I will work with you to understand what your long term goals are and also what you want to achieve in the next 6 months. This will form the backdrop to the Coaching work that we will do together.

    • We will also assess your performance over the course of the programme

  • Tools

    • An Oura Ring - the most advanced sleep tracking device on the market.

    • A gut microbiome test by Viome - so you can find out the foods you respond to best

    • A device from Heart Math to train your body how to respond to stress

    • A subscription to Headspace, so you can train your monkey mind

    • A customised blood panel so you can find out what is going on with your energy levels

  • Coaching

    • You will have 12 Coaching sessions with me, conducted over Zoom or Skype. There is the possibility of face to face sessions in central London and Surrey, UK.

    • Access to me between sessions via WhatsApp, email and on the phone

    • I will hold you to account on your actions

  • Knowledge & resources

    • I will share 24 different topics over the 6 month period.

    • These will be digestible and actionable and will take your understanding to the next level in terms of your performance.