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As you are probably aware, Ben and I are running a Podcast called Upgraded Executive where we are interviewing experts from around the world to help you improve your personal and professional performance.  We’ve had some amazing guests and we have many more recorded or booked in to be recorded.

I’m really excited by this project because I can share the valuable knowledge and also speak to some of my heroes.

Each month, I thought it would be great to share a quick overview of my key takeaways from some our guests and I will continue to do this on a monthly basis.

Episode 11 – STRENGTH HACKING – build strong bones and big muscles with Dr John Jaquish

John was our first guest and we recorded almost 90 mins, so we decided to make 2 episodes. His arms are massive!

  • It is possible to reverse Osteoporosis using OsteoStrong
  • The X3 Bar is enabling people to put on muscle three times faster
  • Eating a vegan or vegetarian diet is not good for your bone health
  • There is a lot of bad science out there – don’t get your advice from the internet commentators or Netflix

Watch Episode 11 here

Episode 12 – EAT LIKE A CARNIVORE – what to eat to grow muscle fast with Dr John Jaquish

Part 2 of our episode with John, we switch gears and talk meat!

  • The Carnivore diet is becoming increasingly popular, but still nowhere near as popular as vegan but is the complete opposite point of view
  • It is impossible to get all of the micronutrients you need from food
  • McDonald’s track their meat back to an individual cow
  • Strength training is more beneficial than cardio
  • You can smart cut your protein needs through Fortagen

Watch Episode 12 here

Episode 13 – MINDSET MULTIPLIER PER-K®: business evolution 2.0 with Robin Graham

PER-K® is the business form of PSYCH-K® which you may have heard Ben talk about.

  • Our subconscious has a powerful influence on us
  • PER-K®: can help people overcome addictions
  • Some companies are building spirituality into their wellness programmes
  • There is a conscious awakening happening

Watch Episode 13 here

Episode 14 – 2020 – what next for Upgraded Executive

This episode is a compilation of what is coming in 2020 and when I produced this compilation, I still had several insights:

  • People are more accessible than you think.  Many of our guests we have approached cold and a surprising number of people have responded
  • Guests are very generous with their time and want to give back in some way
  • Guests have a message that they want to tell the world, so are looking for a platform and an audience
  • Guests realise that everybody needs to start somewhere, so are willing to give you a helping hand to get you on your way
  • There is still a lot of good in this world!

Watch Episode 14 here

Episode 15 – THE BIG SECRET – what most health experts don’t talk about with Susan Downs

I met Susan in London last Summer and I was delighted when she said she would appear on the podcast.  I also appeared on her Podcast last year, which you can listen to here

  • The most toxic food in the world is farmed salmon
  • They don’t need to disclose what is in most cosmetics because of ‘trade secrets’
  • We are underestimating the impact that 5G could have on humans – it’s not a good impact!
  • The focus is on treating the symptoms rather than root cause medicine
  • Google are censoring alternative health websites

Watch Episode 15 here

Episode 16 – OLD AGE – the biggest threat facing humanity with Dr Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey has the best beard in the world and this episode blew my mind

  • Old age kills 110k people every day
  • Aubrey has a 50% chance of reversing ageing by 30 years within the next 17 years
  • This gives Science another 30 years to catch-up – this could mean longevity escape velocity i.e. you can stay young forever
  • Many of the reasons why people don’t want to live a long time don’t make logical sense i.e. over population / generating food etc

Watch Episode 16 here

Episode 17 – SELF HACKED – decoding genetics & self experimentation with Joe Cohen

Joe runs a highly successful website called Self Hacked and another that decodes your genetics called Self Decode.

  • Your genetics can provide a huge amount of insight into how you are performing
  • Don’t use your genetics to find problems, use it to help understand what may be going on if you have a problem
  • Epigenetics will determine gene expression so look after your environment
  • You can hack food insensitivities if you lower your immune system through exercise, cold exposure and sunlight
  • Google has changed its algorithms which makes it really difficult to find anything that might be deemed ‘alternative health’

Watch Episode 17 here

Episode 18 – MASTER YOUR MIND – and end self doubt with Ryan Munsey

Ryan is a fellow performance coach and he works with some really interesting people such as special forces, celebrities and elite athletes.

  • Focus on traits rather than states i.e. focus on doing things consistently rather than trying to hack your way to a certain state of being
  • Our psychology, biology and physiology are so intertwined – they all impact each other
  • Game Changes isn’t a documentary – it’s a film!
  • People often need to have a massive call to action to make change

Watch Episode 18 here

Episode 19 – THE DIFFERENCE – when good enough isn’t enough with Subir Chowdhury

Subir has a wonderful way of telling stories and his content is quite different from some of our other guests. However, I took so much more wisdom from this interview.

  • Don’t chase money – create with the pen and the money will follow
  • Always put your internal customers first – family and the people that work for you
  • Change must be led from the top i.e. CEO of an organisation, otherwise it will fail
  • People must come before the processes
  • Who is really going to come to your funeral?

Watch Episode 19 here

Episode 20 – QUANTIFIED SELF – tracking biometrics for optimal performance with Bob Troia

I’ve been tracking a number of metrics for some time so it was great to learn from Bob in terms of what he tracks and how to get started with ‘quantified self’.

  • How to track sleep – what to focus on
  • The proxies that mean you measure one thing that gives you an insight into something else i.e. grip strength as a proxy to longevity
  • Using Heart Rate Variability to track stress
  • Any experiments need to be weighed up in terms of risk and reward
  • Start tracking just a few small things passively, gain the insights and build up from there

Watch Episode 20 here

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