Introduction - 6 weeks to hack your potential

6 weeks to hack your potential

In the run up to the launch and special promotion of my book Limitless, I am going to be releasing one blog article each week covering some of the topics that I cover in the book.  This will give you a sneak preview.

Here are the topics I will cover:

o   Week 2 - bonus post (to be revealed)

o   Week 4 - bonus post (to be revealed)

I will release the blog post on Monday morning each week starting on 1st April and I’d like you to tell me what your experience has been. You can message me via any of these social media platforms:

Each week there are going to be free prize giveaways for those people that help spread the word on the above platforms.  At the end of this six week blog series, I will let you know when there will be a special price promotion on the Kindle version of the book.

If you leave your email by clicking the box below, we will notify you when each blog post is available.

Week 1 starts on Monday 1st ApriL

I’m grateful to you for taking the time to read this.

Have a great week!


PS – you can find out more about the book here