Avoiding the hangover

Updated 14 December with updated information

As an executive or entrepreneur, networking and socialising often come as part of the territory and can end in consumption of too much alcohol, late nights and a full-on schedule the next day.  When you are 21 years of age, it is easy but as you get older, balancing fun and entertainment with peak performance on the next day is tricky.

Let's be clear on one thing … will you be able to display peak performance following a massive booze-up? 


However, there are a few things you can do to minimise the impact, and I'm not talking about having water between alcoholic drinks.  Whilst it's good advice, it's not something I think most people will do, and I’m here to give actionable advice.

5 ways to minimise the handover and stay at peak performance:

1.    Take 2 activated charcoal tablets before you drink any alcohol.  Toxins from the alcohol will bind to the charcoal and pass through you rather than poison your mitochondria.  It would be even better if you take additional activated charcoal tablets in between drinks.

2.    When you've finished drinking take glutathione. It is the body’s master antioxidant and what your liver uses to process alcohol.  When your liver runs out of glutathione, it causes liver damage.

3.    When drinking, try and stay away from beer and red wine as they contain more toxins than other options.  It's best to drink good quality vodka and gin or good quality white or sparkling wine.  The distillation process for vodka and gin produces a drink which is purer than the other options.

4.    Be intentional, don't fall into the trap of 'it will be ok'. If you have a late night, be intentional with your morning routine, prioritise your sleep and drink plenty of water before going to sleep.

5.    Take a PQQ / CoQ10 supplement or Unfair Advantage to help repair your damaged mitochondria and provide you with a boost of energy that will clear your brain fog.

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