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My name is Nick Powell and I’m the founder of Stronger Self. I work with high performing Executives and Entrepreneurs who want to achieve more and take their performance to the next level. I partner my Clients to deliver extraordinary results across all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or a senior leader in an organisation, you’re facing many of the same problems:

  • You’re too busy … work dominates and you do not have enough balance in life. Work comes first followed by your family and then you come last.

  • Your energy levels are not what they once were and you struggle towards the end of the day or the end of the week.

  • You recognise that you can’t work as hard as you once could, your decision making is impacted and your cognitive performance is not as strong.

  • Stress is becoming a bigger factor in your life, anxiety is creeping in and you are doubting your abilities.

  • You feel like you are doing well but you could be doing so much better - there is more in the tank and you don’t know how to access it.

I’ve been there and I’ve struggled with all 5 problems but fortunately, I don’t any longer.

I have developed my coaching programmes to help you address these 5 problems and enable you to take your professional and personal performance to the next level. It’s a remarkable programme.

When you become a Client, we enter into a partnership where we work together to deliver outstanding personal and professional outcomes. I will support and challenge your thinking, enabling YOU to take yourself outside of your comfort zone and open up new possibilities.

There are many programmes out there but this is different. I’ve been Certified as a coach by the Human Potential Institute and I use cutting edge strategies, tools and techniques from the worlds of cognitive performance, biohacking, productivity and neuroscience to enable you to reach your peak performance.

I work with Clients all over the world and are able to deliver our 1-1 sessions via the Skype and Zoom platforms.

What my Clients say

When I look back and reflect on my 6 months of coaching with Nick, I struggle to find the words to describe my transformation and experience. It was quite simply phenomenal, life changing and one of the best things I have ever done.
I can truly state that Nick changed my whole perspective on life for the very best. My personal awareness on my health, mental stimulation, diet and motivation changed significantly. My wife and kids have felt first hand the great benefits from my coaching sessions from the doors Nick opened for me.
If you physically can’t put any more hours in and are wondering where you’re going to get the extra leverage you need, I would definitely recommend speaking with Nick. He will help you find the next gear.”

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