#28 – THE MISSING PIECE with Mira and Jayson Calton

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In this episode, Nick and Ben are talking with Mira and Dr. Jayson Calton, who are among the world’s leading experts on the topics of weight management, lifestyle medicine, and micronutrient deficiency. Their high success rate working with adults and children to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse health and disease conditions has made their consultancy highly sought after by celebrities, athletes and top corporate executives around the world. It is their belief that becoming micronutrient sufficient is the first step towards preventing and reversing many of today’s most prevalent health conditions and diseases.

In this episode we cover:  

  • The Calton’s background and journey
  • What are micronutrients?
  • What micronutrients most people are deficient in?
  • Why don’t we get micronutrients from food?
  • How to identify deficiencies?
  • What depletes micronutrients?
  • Problems with the carnivore diet
  • How to source good quality supplements?

About Jayson & Mira Calton

Dr. Jayson Calton has worked with thousands of international clients over the last 25 years and specializes in teaching his unique nutritional and lifestyle therapies to adults and children with obesity, diabetes, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, immune system disorders, cancer, heart disease, ADD/ADHD, candida, HIV, seizures, celiac disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, migraine headaches, depression, crohn’s disease, and fibromyalgia. Dr. Calton is an active member of numerous medical and nutritional associations and has been the lead author of several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is passionate about helping people understand the connection between micronutrient sufficiency and optimal health and is committed to the fight against obesity.

Mira Calton’s interest in the world of nutrition came by way of personal experience. Prior to beginning her life in the nutritional spotlight, she owned and ran her own successful public relations firm in Manhattan specializing in high-end fashion, film and restaurant promotion. She traveled and lectured extensively throughout Canada and the United States to large corporate clients such as Johnson and Johnson, Price Waterhouse Coopers, CitiGroup and ING direct. However, her bustling career came to an abrupt halt when she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at the age of 30. Mira’s drive and determination led her all the way to Orlando, Florida where she met nutritional guru, Dr. Jayson Calton. The two worked together to create a drug-free, micronutrient based program, which not only completely reversed Mira’s advanced osteoporosis but also inspired them both to make the study of micronutrient deficiency the focus of their lives.

Contact Mira & Jayson Calton:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mira-calton-758564b/

Twitter: twitter.com/caltonnutrition

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CaltonNutrition/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/caltonnutrition/

Website: www.caltonnutrition.com

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Episode Notes

Summary notes

  • 00:00 – Introduction  
  • 00:13 – The Caltons’ journey & background 
  • 04:16 – What micronutrients most people are deficient in? 
  • 05:05 – Why don’t we get micronutrients from food? 
  • 08:38 – How to identify deficiencies? 
  • 10:07 – Which foods deplete micronutrients?
  • 14:32 – Minimum calories to get your micronutrient needs 
  • 21:29 – Diet is the new religion 
  • 23:49 – Problems with the carnivore diet 
  • 28:41 – How to source good quality supplements?
  • 40:07 – Things in the environment that deplete nutrients 
  • 46:05 – Top 3 tips 

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