Where has Nick been during 2020?

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No blog posts…

No newsletters…

No new podcast episodes…


What has been going on?

Let’s say that the past year has been interesting and I love the saying “We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat”.

I spent a large part of 2019 building up the coaching business to a point where it was my full time job and I had a healthy pipeline of clients.  Then Covid-19 hit like a bus and almost overnight the pipeline of clients pretty much disappeared.

Fortunately, I was also engaged in some part-time consulting work at the time, which then transpired into a full time gig and this has kept me occupied during 2020.  I’m grateful for my good friend who got me the gig and for my current client who appreciated the value that I bring to their organisation.

I’m grateful that I have two different but complementary skill sets that I can fall back on.  My passion is coaching entrepreneurs and senior leaders but I also recognise that whilst coaching is extremely valuable, it is also extremely venerable to an economic downturn or global pandemic.  When I have explained this to a number of my friends and clients, they have been extremely surprised and have said things like “people need you now more than ever”.

Yes, they are right! However, the financial uncertainty casts such a big shadow that people tend to ‘bunker down’ and save their cash for the unknown. I pride myself for providing a premium service.

I have spoken to many other coaches who decided to pivot and move their businesses online, focus on training or group coaching.  I didn’t do this.  Maybe I should have? I have no regrets because I have been able to keep the income flowing and the coaching business ticking over in the background.


What is next for me …

Over the past 3 months the interest in coaching has started to pick back up and without any marketing I have signed up new clients in January & February and engage in new conversations every week.  I guess in many ways everybody is sick and tired of putting their lives on hold and they want to move forward in a productive way.

My current consulting gig is moving to a part time role from April 1st, so I will be able to focus back on Stronger Self, building the business and producing content each week.  I currently have around 10 recorded podcasts from some amazing guests that I am looking forward to sharing with you.  It is a shame they have been on the to-do list for so long.

I am also going to put some focus into an online course which complements my coaching business.  Should I turn my book Limitless into an online course?  Let me know what you think?

If there are any particular topics you would like me to write about, please do get in touch and let me know.

About Nick

Nick Powell is the founder of Stronger Self and he works with entrepreneurs and senior leaders to enable them to take their personal and professional performance to the next level.

Nick’s approach uses cutting edge tools and techniques from the worlds of biohacking, productivity, anti-aging and neuroscience; harnessing the exciting intersection between biology and technology.

Nick has developed his Peak Performance Coaching Programmes to enable his clients to deliver extraordinary results across all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

He runs his Coaching sessions face to face in London & Surrey and across the World via Zoom.

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